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Dolphins live in a state of sheer exuberant joy of being alive, our inherently natural state of being … These magical dolphins are looking for your help. Scientists trying to learn more about these animals NEED more resources.

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Hi, my name is Penn Clarke, the founder of Dolphin Relief & Research. Ever since I had a close encounter with Bottlenosed Dolphins in the Bahamas in 1976, I’ve wanted to know more about them…

Dolphins & Penn

Join Penn on his journey in this intriguing new book about his travels around the world, his passion and commitment to dolphins from Hawaii, the coast of Georgia to the Balmy Bahamas and beyond …


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There are many Scientists and Organizations, focused on the goals of scientific research and education who study a variety of different aspects about dolphins from the study of dolphin…

Brian Balmer, PhD

Brian Balmer, PhD

Brian Balmer, PhD
Scientist, Dolphin Relief and Research

Brian Balmer, Ph.D., has 20+ years of experience studying marine mammals including small cetaceans in the southeastern U.S. and Bermuda, manatees in South Carolina, humpback whales in Hawaii and Mexico, and franciscana dolphins in Argentina and Brazil. Brian has 70+ peer-reviewed publications focusing on implementation of field and laboratory studies to further our understanding of marine mammals, including determination of population-level impacts associated with anthropogenic threats. Brian’s particular passion is with the dolphins of St. Joseph Bay, Florida and those off the southern Georgia coast. These two regions were the focus of his graduate research and the dolphin populations that call these waters home continue to be threatened by cumulative stressors such as biotoxins, contaminants, disease, and human interactions. Brian has extensive experience using photographic-identification, health assessments, remote sampling, and telemetry to provide a comprehensive outlook of marine mammal populations. Brian began his career with terrestrial mammals, studying black bears in southwestern Virginia, with his undergraduate thesis evaluating den reuse rates, before turning to the marine field. Recently, he has shifted his focus back to the terrestrial world and has moved from the low country of the southeastern U.S. to the mountains of the western U.S., where he is involved with projects evaluating impacts of contamination on Montana’s vast natural resources. In Brian’s spare time, he is still extensively involved with marine mammal research projects and serving on graduate student committees.

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Dolphin Projects and Studies


Dolphins Akeakamai & Phoenix at Waikiki Aquarium, Hawaii

Dolphins Akeakamai & Phoenix temporarily at the Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu, Hawaii 1987. Both had been taught sign language. Penn Clarke & Kitty helped with the ongoing study of their intellectual abilities for one month.

Dolphins Hiapo & Elele at Sea Life Park, Hawaii

Dolphins Hiapo & Elele temporarily in private tanks away from public view at Sea Life Park, Oahu, Hawaii 1987. Hiapo & Elele had recently been captured from the same group of dolphins as Akeakamai & Phoenix who had been captured 8 years earlier off the coast of Mississippi. The four will be united in new tanks at Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Lab where the capture from the same group is important in case that group has their own dialect or language. Penn Clarke & Kitty helped socialize them by swimming as they feed them and by filming them for one month.

Penn Clarke’s Great Loop Trip 1999

Traveling on our 38 Morgan sailboat for 7 months. Removed the mast and left it in Florida. Many great experiences. Lots of dolphin sightings.

Dolphins in Hope Town

Traveling on our 38 Morgan sailboat for 7 months. Removed the mast and left it in Florida. Many great experiences. Lots of dolphin sightings.

9-11 in New York Harbor

We (Penn Clarke & Kitty) sailed our 38 ft Mystic Turtle into New York Harbor on September 10, 2001 with plans to stay in Liberty Landing Marina for one week. The following day, September 11, 2001, one of our nation’s greatest tragedies unfolded before our eyes. We captured much of it in these videos.

Dolphin Joy: A Tribute to Sandra

A quadriplegic for 24 yrs, Sandra Bray Wilson swims with a dolphin

Savannah TV Interview