Dolphins & Penn


Penn Clarke is passionate about dolphins, sailing, and travel. He has studied dolphins since a close encounter with three of them in the Bahamas in 1976. Penn is the founder of the non-profit Dolphin Relief and Research. His volunteer efforts include work with scientists studying the health of dolphins in the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts.

Tacking through life with its joys and trials is made better by the dolphins Penn encounters while living aboard his sailboats for 15 years, traveling around the world four times, and his numerous side trips.

There is no sailing straight into the wind. It is changing course, steering into and through the wind – tacking – that keeps him and his Mystic Turtle sailboats moving forward. Dolphins & Penn: Tacking Through Life takes you along Penn’s journey.

Penns book is available in printed and E-book versions at the link below.