Akeakamai, who had been taught sign language, loved water poured on her tongue.
University of Hawaii Communications Program March 1987


Penn Clarke with Akeakamai with hand over blow hole to help veterinarians get samples from the area to do health assessments when they need to.
University of Hawaii Communications Program March 1987

Scientists & Organizations helping Marine Mammals

There are many Scientists and Organizations, focused on the goals of scientific research and education who study a variety of different aspects about dolphins from the study of dolphin communication and social behavior to dolphin research, preservation, behavioral and population statistics, who lack the necessary funding to continue their valuable research.

Dolphin Relief & Research funds a number of organizations and projects:

  • Non-invasive Scientific Research on Wild Cetaceans
  • Dolphin communication including fundamental cognitive, behavioral, and sensory capabilities of bottlenose dolphins as well as dolphin intelligence and how dolphins may perceive and interpret their world.
  • Photography & video identification
  • Behavior observation-concentrating on calving, mating, breeching, socializing
  • Human/dolphin interaction & communication
  • Public Awareness and Education Programs, focusing on educating students and the public on how to respect a wild dolphin and to understand how and why wild dolphins interact with humans
  • Monitoring Dolphin populations in regards to behavioral, location, individual, and environmental statistics.
  • Understanding relationships between dolphins and their prey and factors that affect fish community ecology.

To help funding the research of these facinating and wonderful creatures